Senior Downsizing and Organizing is no easy task, but our team will help you make the process more manageable.

When you begin the process of senior downsizing and organizing, you will first need a copy of the floor plan for your new apartment. The “Move-In Coordinator” at your new Senior Community or apartment complex should be able to provide you with a floor plan of your new unit. Focus your initial thoughts on what furniture will fit and serve the most meaningful purpose at your new residence. This will help create a move plan that will determine into which room the movers will place each piece of furniture. Our “Senior Move Manager” will be happy to assist you with this process. The following pie chart will help you organize all of your belongs into:


when downsizing for a move, you'll soon realize there are 5 destinations for everything you own.
  1. YOUR MOVE: These are the items and pieces of furniture that will move with you to your new residence. Universal Services can assist you with the placement of the furniture so that you can determine if it will all fit into your new home.
  2. FAMILY & FRIENDS: If you wish to give a family member a piece of furniture or other family heirlooms, we can schedule an extra stop or ship these items anywhere in the country for you.
  3. SALES: After you have determined what furniture will go with you to your new residence, Universal Services can make recommendations on the best way to sell items that you no longer need. We have our own consignment shop that will assist older adults who desire a safe and secure process of selling their possessions.
  4. DONATE: If you decide to donate any of your belongings to a charitable organization of your choice, we can provide you with resources to these organizations that will be happy to accept your donations. Please inform your Senior Move Manager so that we can schedule the delivery of these items to the charity of your choice.
  5. DISPOSE OF: In the process of moving, there are often many items that just need to be thrown away. We can arrange for a dumpster to be delivered to your home if needed. If you use our downsizing crew to assist you in this process, they will be happy to sort through your possessions to determine what has value and what can be tossed out.
Here we have a list of local services that'll help you with your efforts to downsize and move.


Start by making a list of contacts who need to know about your change of address:

  • Family and Friends
  • Your Local Post Office
  • Municipal Water Company
  • Electric Company
  • Telephone Company
  • Cable and Internet Companies

Then make a list of business contacts that need to know about your change of address:

  • Banks and other Financial Institutions
  • Household or Apartment Insurance Companies
  • Life Insurance or Investment Firms
  • Car loans or other Monthly Payments
  • Employers or IRS

Make a list of creditors not listed above:

  • Medical or Health Care Providers
  • Medical Doctors
  • Home Health Care Agencies
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Local Pharmacy or Mail Order Drug Suppliers

Make a list of subscriptions you currently order:

  • Local Newspaper Deliveries
  • Magazines
  • Any Book clubs or membership-based clubs like AAA

Remember to contact your local faith-based church or charity of choice to make any donations.