Consign With Us is a consignment shop located in Sussex, WI that offers high-quality furniture and home decor items at affordable prices.

Providing estate sales and consignment services helps the downsizing process go smoothly. This benefits both families and senior communities because the income generated from the sale will cover some or all of the downsizing and moving expenses.

Consignment Services

Consign w/ US continues to provide older adults with another great service on move day! When you are planning to downsize or move into a Senior Community, Universal Services can drop off selected home furnishings at the consignment shop on the same day of your move!

Our experienced movers will carefully inventory and load your consignment items into the “nose,” or front of the moving vehicle, and then pack the furniture going to your new residence in the back of the truck. After your move is completed, our movers will promptly deliver the items you intend to sell to the consignment shop. You will receive a copy of the inventory after your items have arrived at the shop.

This service has been a tremendous help to older adults in two ways: First, it saves them the cost of renting another truck, and second, adult children don’t have to take another day off of work to deal with it on a separate day. We can also deliver any furniture to your adult children who may want to retain some of the items you own within the family.

Estate Sales Services

Consign with us can also help seniors sell quality items that they no longer need by conducting an estate sale. After you make the call to request a complimentary consultation, a senior move manager will come to your home and will let you know if you have enough inventory for an estate sale.

​This is a service that both the family and the Senior Living Communities appreciate since it makes the downsizing process go more smoothly and truly helps older adults sell furniture & home furnishings in a safe environment without the need to advertise or have a rummage sale.

Why Choose Us?

With over twenty-five years of specialized moving experience with seniors, we have developed an effective approach to downsizing and moving. We provide professional senior move managers as a service to older adults to help with the process since not all older adults have children living in the area.

We can help seniors downsize, organize, and decide what items we can sell at Consign w/US and give them a percentage of the sale back!  Respecting our Elders with every move we make.

Providing estate sales and consignment services helps the downsizing process go smoothly.

​Consign With Us is located at: 
Main St N64 W24300
Sussex, WI 53089

Call (414) 397-5987 to inquire about the hours. Thanks!

Consign w/US is a consignment shop that helps older adults sell quality items that their family no longer needs. Visit our shop on Facebook >>