Professional Packing Service:

It is quite common for older adults to seek help with all of the coordination it takes to make the moving process go smoothly. That’s why Universal Services provides packing services for your belongings.

Having Universal Services do the packing will take some of the pressure off you, giving you one less thing to worry about. Universal Services can also do a partial pack, which means that we will only pack the fragile items or those items you are not comfortable packing. This will help save a little time for you and leave you with the confidence that the items have been correctly packed.

If you don’t have enough time to clean your home after we have moved your belongings to your new residence, Universal Services can send over our Cleaning Crew to assist you with all the last-minute cleaning.

Downsizing Specialists:

We will help you formulate a Downsizing Plan to ensure that you will be ready on your moving day. Our downsizing specialists will assist you in sorting items to be either sold at a resale or consignment shop or delivered to a charitable organization, such as Goodwill. Our team can even assist you with the shipping of furniture or collectibles to your children or relatives who may live elsewhere in the country!

Universal Services can help you with staging or rearranging the remaining furniture in the home. When the home is sold, we can then return to pick up and deliver the remaining pieces of furniture to their proper homes.

Universal Services also provides Storage for our clients. Our temperature-controlled storage facility is connected to our office and provides you with safe and reasonable monthly rates to assist you during your transition period.

Professional Unpacking Service

Seniors often sign up for packing and moving and later realize they don’t have the energy to unpack.

Your Senior Move Manager is trained to make sure the level of service you requested is completed prior to the departure of the moving team. Please inform your Move Manager and they will assist you as much as possible based on their workload for that day.

After unpacking the movers will remove all the empty cartons and paper for recycling.

Complimentary Used Box Program
When available, our gently used boxes are made available at no additional cost.  So, be sure to inquire when scheduling a move.

Our mission is to “Treat every senior that we work with as if they were our family”…  – Migdalia Zanon, Owner of Universal Services