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Delving into the downsizing (or rightsizing) and the moving process requires careful consideration of a comprehensive timeline for the move.

Throughout our lifetimes, we tend to amass a collection of belongings that hold sentimental value. Whether embarking on a transition to a new residence or a retirement community, there comes a time when we need to declutter and simplify our lives. Embracing the philosophy of “less is more” becomes essential.

As proud members of the National Association of Senior Move Managers, we empathize with the emotional and physical challenges that seniors encounter when contemplating downsizing or relocating to a senior living facility. Delving into the downsizing (or rightsizing) and the moving process requires careful consideration of a comprehensive timeline for the move. A senior move manager plays a crucial role in helping you develop a timeline that identifies key dates, facilitating a smoother downsizing and relocation process.

When choosing a mover, make sure you select a moving company that’s dedicated to the well-being of seniors and establishes a foundation for trust and compassion. This kind of commitment ensures a positive moving experience, fostering a seamless transition for seniors during this significant life change.

The following moving checklist will help you in the pre-planning and downsizing process.

  • Hire a Senior Move Manager to manage all the rightsizing (downsizing)phases of your move.
  • Take inventory of ALL items. Make sure you pick furniture items and items that are your favorite for your move.
Pre-plan your move with this checklist
  • Organize and start sorting one room at a time.
  • Ask yourself if you have not used it in a “year”, then get rid of or donate it.
  • Ask yourself if it is useful and functional in my new home.
  • Obtain a floor plan for your new home. Begin forming a tentative plan, keeping in mind that “your new home is more likely smaller than your current home.”
  • Gather a family to go through a lifetime of cherished belongings. Remember your kids do not want your “stuff”. Have them consult with an Estate Sale specialist to evaluate the value of your family heirlooms and china.
  • Schedule a moving or estate sale; An Estate Sale specialist should be able to decide what items could go to a consignment shop, or be donated after the Estate Sale is done.
  • Donate items to your charity or church of your choice (These items should be in good condition).
  • Discard items that are not usable to you or anyone else. 

2 to 3 weeks before moving:

  • Hire a senior moving manager to do your packing and coordinate your move.
  • If you are doing the packing yourself, get packing materials (Get packing materials such as boxes, tape, and paper).
Packing your belongings can be overwhelming but it is an essential part to a seamless transition.
Start packing.
  • Pack boxes and mark them with room name and contents.
  • Pack room by room, keeping items separated to keep it simple and to avoid confusion.
  • Pack any flammables, cleaning products, and paints separately (Most moving companies are NOT able to transport these items).

Day before the move:

  • Pack a suitcase with important papers, medications, checkbooks, keys, toiletries, and label it “Do not move”. These items will be transported in your vehicle.
  • Keep all boxes organized by room Unpack Your Worries with US  and according to your floor plan.

Day of the move:

  • Everything that is not furniture should be packed and labeled where it is supposed to go.
  • Ask movers to place boxes in the appropriate room and to place furniture according to your floor plan.

Day after your move:

You should still be unpacking and settling into your new home.

Remember that the key to a successful downsizing and moving is organization. This process starts by hiring a professional and ethical moving company with experienced move managers and movers. Make sure that the moving company you hired has cargo liability insurance to insure your belongings.

Universal Services has helped seniors in all phases of moving for over twenty-six years. Universal provides rightsizing, organizing, packing, moving, and unpacking services. Consign w/US is a sister company of Universal Services that provides a place for seniors to sell those items that do not fit in the new home or retirement community. Seniors get a good percentage of money back to be used toward their move. Consign W/US provides Estate Sales and clean-out services for those who need more help. Universal Services provides a turnkey moving experience. Our mission is patterned after the golden rule: “We treat every senior that we work with as if they were our relative, and value their personal property

As if it were our own.” Migdalia Zanon and her team simply say, “We are in the helping business”. After you are settled into your new home you feel a sense of relief rest assured that you did your homework.

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